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A reflection from SlutWalk Melbourne supporter: Anna Spargo-Ryan (Trigger Warning)

Triggers: sexual assault When I sat down to write this, I thought, “I’ve never been raped. No one has ever had sex with me against my will. If anything, I have to plead with them. What can I add?” But

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Why I March On SlutWalk – Ben McKenzie

In the Australian component of the International Violence Against Women Survey survey, more than half of the nearly 7,000 women surveyed had experienced physical or sexual assault, but less than 16% had reported it. One of the major, consistent reasons

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A Message of Support from Toronto

Dear SlutWalk Melbourne Organizers and Attendees – When SlutWalk began last year, it was a small idea built on anger. Anger at ongoing experiences of sexual violence. Anger at victims being told it was their fault. Anger at words like

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Changing minds

Feminist blogger Drag0nista explains why she has changed her mind and will be supporting SlutWalk:

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Kids Wearing Shorts – Catherine Manning (Trigger Warning)

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, rape As a kid, I owned several pairs of shorts.  I loved wearing them. They were cool in summer and I could jump on my trampoline, ride my bike, and climb trees as freely as I

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SlutWalk Supporters: Tim Ferguson, Comedian, Writer and Producer

According to his web site, Tim Ferguson is Australia’s number one comedy writing teacher. Oh, and he was in some rock band or anarchic commune or something. Some of us SlutWalkers are big fans, so we’re really excited he offered the following choice

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What SlutWalk Means To Me (Trigger Warning)

When I was fifteen years old I was on school holidays at the coast with a friend’s family. We’d been to a huge party, so big that it spilled down out of the units and onto the beach. There were

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SlutWalk Supporters: Ben Pobjie, Writer, Poet and Comedian

Ben Pobjie knows this will be some people’s first SlutWalk; here’s his advice for newbies. So it’s SlutWalk time again, that magical time of year when all people of goodwill get together to chuckle indulgently at middle-aged men spluttering into their

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The Truth About Rape: the statistics

One of the most powerful weapons against sexual assault is knowledge and awareness of the facts. Regularly when discussing sexual assault people will either use rape myths (as previously described) or misquote/misapply statistics. So this post is designed to elucidate some findings

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SlutWalk Supporters: Benjamin Law, writer

Writer Benjamin Law is our second SlutWalk Supporter, with this shout out to all the participants and walkers. Thanks Ben! Slutwalk Supporters: Benjamin Law from SlutWalk Melbourne on Vimeo.

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