Get Involved

There are a number of ways for you to show your support of SlutWalk Melbourne, besides attending the annual rally and march.

  • Subscribe to the blog for related news and event information.
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Download and share our poster via social media, email and in real life too!
  • Spread the word yourself on Twitter and Facebook by taking a photo of yourself with a sign that completes the sentence “I support SlutWalk because…” See #WhyISupportSlutWalk for some inspiration!
  • Talk about the culture of rape apology, victim blaming and slut shaming with your friends and family.
  • Volunteer. Contact us if you have talent, time or skill that we could utilise.
  • Contribute financially. SlutWalk costs us money to run and we would appreciate any donation, no matter how small, to assist us in covering our costs. All donations will remain anonymous but we are planning to publish a public donations register to be transparent and accountable. Any donations received beyond our operating costs will be donated to Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA).
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