The Melbourne Slutwalk Team

Karen Pickering 
Karen is the creator and host of Cherchez La Femme, Melbourne’s monthly talkshow of current affairs and pop culture from a feminist perspective. She is involved in community education and writes, hosts and organises for the feminist cause. 2014 is Karen’s fourth year as a SlutWalk organiser and co-founder.

Natasha Smith
Natasha is completing her PhD in social psychology and has been involved in research examining jury decision making in sexual assault cases. Along with SlutWalk, Natasha works with queer rights and mental health organizations. 2014 is her fourth year as a SlutWalk organiser.

Angela Thompson
Angela is a comedy producer and communications professional who has produced shows for Neil Sinclair, Jonathan Schuster and many others. She’s the creator of the Our Little Stories series and runs the regular club night Puggs in Space. 2014 is her second year as a SlutWalk organiser.

Alana Schetzer
Alana is a journalist and writer and has written for The Age, The Melbourne Times, The Hoopla, MamaMia and many others. She has reported extensively on the 2009 Victorian bushfires, has covered seven federal, state and local elections and the disappointing trend of Melbourne cafes refusing to make coffee with skinny milk. 2014 is her second year as a SlutWalk organiser.

Ben McKenzie
Ben McKenzie is a freelance performer, writer and game designer. He is an associate producer for Karen Pickering’s Cherchez la Femme, Festival Producer for the inaugural Girls On Film Festival, and since 2012 has been MC for the Melbourne Can’t Stop the Serenity event, a fundraiser in support of global women’s rights charity Equality Now. 2014 is Ben’s third year as a SlutWalk organiser.

Hannah Frances
Hannah Frances is a poet, teacher and feminist based in country Victoria. She curates pipe up poetry events and teachers children about how great books are. Having performed spoken word at last year’s event she is excited to be involved behind the scenes in 2014.

Jessamy Gleeson
Originally from country Victoria, Jessamy is now a Melbourne-based student undertaking her PhD in feminism and the media. Her research examines three feminist campaigns, and their attempts to challenge representations of women in the mainstream media. This is her first year as a SlutWalk organiser.

Matt James
Matt James is a poet, playwright, blogger, and advocate for many causes. These causes include sex workers and sex and gender diverse young people. Matt has previously been a speaker at SlutWalk, but 2014 marks their first time on the organising committee.

Marisa Monagle
Marisa Monagle is a mother, a registered nurse, and teaches sex education in schools. She is about to submit a PhD on same sex young people, Facebook and ethical care of the self. She also owns 12 bunnies and lives in country Victoria. 2014 is Marisa’s first year on the organising committee.

Hayley Mowat
Originally hailing from New Zealand, Hayley has called Melbourne home since 2010. She is currently undertaking a PhD exploring the increasing demand for female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia. Having previously published research into Australian media coverage of the SlutWalk movement, Hayley is excited to join the organising team for the first time in 2014.

Kat Muscat
Kat Muscat is an editor, writer and feminist based in Melbourne. She writes primarily about sex, sexuality, gender and mental health. Kat was the editor in chief of Voiceworks (2012-14), and is currently editing Dialect, an Express Media anthology featuring writers from a refugee or migrant background.