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Why I Support SlutWalk – Jessica Lee

This is from SlutWalk supporter Jessica Lee. I’m a married, suburban housewife, and mother to two children, and I support slutwalk. I support slutwalk because… I want my daughter to be able to assertively tell strangers that approach her that

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A story of slut shaming

The following story was submitted by a friend of SlutWalk Melbourne who, for reasons which will become obvious, wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a reminder of how destructive a negative attitude towards female sexuality can be, how slut shaming can

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SlutWalk in context – PM Newton

SlutWalk Melbourne has supporters all over the country and one of our most esteemed friends is the brilliant Sydney crime writer, PM Newton. She wrote this for us to put SlutWalk in the context of other fights for women’s rights.

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Why I Support SlutWalk – Andrew P Street

Andrew P Street is a music writer and broadcaster. A contributing editor at Time Out Australia, his work also appears regularly in Rolling Stone, GQ, The Big Issue, Cosmos, the Sunday Telegraph, TheVine, Daily Life and more. He also has weekly segments on ABC

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Why I Support SlutWalk – Emily Maguire

Emily Maguire is an award-winning author of novels and non-fiction, including Princesses and Pornstars: Sex + Power + Identity and its young adult counterpart, Your Skirt’s Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice. Emily was a speaker at the 2012 Melbourne SlutWalk; this piece is an

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SlutWalk Melbourne returns on August 31st!

Prepare to walk, roll, holler or stomp with us through the streets of Melbourne, because it is still never okay to blame the victim. Slutwalk is an inclusive movement. Whatever your gender identification or age, whether you’re singles, couples, parents,

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SlutWalk Melbourne is on-line

Check back soon for updates!

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A reflection from SlutWalk Melbourne supporter: Anna Spargo-Ryan (Trigger Warning)

Triggers: sexual assault When I sat down to write this, I thought, “I’ve never been raped. No one has ever had sex with me against my will. If anything, I have to plead with them. What can I add?” But

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A Message of Support from Toronto

Dear SlutWalk Melbourne Organizers and Attendees – When SlutWalk began last year, it was a small idea built on anger. Anger at ongoing experiences of sexual violence. Anger at victims being told it was their fault. Anger at words like

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Changing minds

Feminist blogger Drag0nista explains why she has changed her mind and will be supporting SlutWalk:

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