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Facts, statistics, advice and other information about slut shaming, victim blaming, sexual assault and other topics relevant to the SlutWalk movement.

Slutwalk on JOY: August 2015

Lisa from the Slutwalk team went on JOY FM to chat about SlutTea, the march and what it means to take back such a controversial word.   Listen in here! 

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Questions for the SlutWalk team

The team at SlutWalk Melbourne often get asked a variety of questions about why we’re involved with the movement. These questions can range from “why is it called SlutWalk?”, through to “what do you hope to achieve by marching down

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Kids Wearing Shorts – Catherine Manning (Trigger Warning)

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, rape As a kid, I owned several pairs of shorts.  I loved wearing them. They were cool in summer and I could jump on my trampoline, ride my bike, and climb trees as freely as I

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The Truth About Rape: the statistics

One of the most powerful weapons against sexual assault is knowledge and awareness of the facts. Regularly when discussing sexual assault people will either use rape myths (as previously described) or misquote/misapply statistics. So this post is designed to elucidate some findings

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The Truth About Rape 2: rape myths about male survivors

This post is an extension of the rape myth blog posted the other day. Like female survivors, rape myths perpetuate victim blaming and shaming of male survivors. Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA) reports 11% of their clients are male and the majority of those

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The Truth About Rape: busting rape myths

During discourse about rape and rape culture, people commonly cite what are called “rape myths” to justify victim blaming. A rape myth is a belief about rape (e.g. men only sexually assault young, sexually ‘attractive’ women) that is false and

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Redefining rape

It’s been busy in England overnight, with more people trying to redefine and dilute what constitutes rape in relation to Julian Assange’s extradition proceedings. Please note the intent of this post is focused on the language used within the media

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Todd Akin and “legitimate rape”

Todd Akin, GOP Senate candidate: ‘Legitimate rape’ rarely causes pregnancy” (Washington Post, 19 August 2012) Todd Akin, GOP hopeful for the US Senate, is known for his no-excuses policy when it comes to abortion. When asked about abortion in the case of rape-related

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