Slutwalk 2016



The Slutwalk March is on again! SlutWalk is a global movement and public protest that rallies against the notion of “victim blaming”- the concept that people who have been assaulted or raped made themselves a target through the way they dressed or acted.

On September 3rd, 2016, at 1pm, we will be peacefully assembling at the State Library in Melbourne- as we do every year- to stand in protest against victim-blaming and slut-shaming; we will be standing in solidarity with all those who have been abused, and marching against a society that bends over backwards to disregard the feelings and safety of survivors, and protects their abusers. We will march in 2016, and every year, until people- and society at large- cease the cruel patriarchal victim-blaming that still seems to surround cases of rape and sexual assault, and the pervasive slut-shaming in society.

As we remind supporters every year, THERE IS NO DRESS CODE.  Jessamy Gleeson, one of the 2016 SlutWalk organizers, says: “SlutWalk is an inclusive event that unapologetically puts survivors first. It is not a political space,   and SlutWalk is not a political organisation. Instead, SlutWalk is movement that warmly invites all people along to  condemn victim-blaming and slut-shaming of any kind.”

SlutWalk Melbourne will provide a seated section at the front of the rally for those with mobility issues.  Volunteers  will also be on hand to offer assistance to anyone struggling with triggering content within the speeches. The State Library is wheelchair accessible.


Slutwalk Melbourne – 2016 March
Saturday September 3rd, 2016
Marching to Federation Square