Public Meeting Minutes 2012

Public Meeting 5 August 2012 Minutes:


Slutwalk Melbourne Committee: Karen, Natasha
Public: Alana, Amy, Claire, Lucy

Apologies: Lauren, Kate, Vanessa, Ben

General Introduction of this year’s event:

Karen introduced the current ideas around SlutWalk 2012. This year the event will be themed around the cohorts in the community that are directly affected or witness the impact of victim blaming and slut-shaming. We are still in contact with SlutWalk Toronto and will continue with the standardised message of the original SlutWalk.

The ground rules of Slutwalk

  • No dress code: people are encouraged to wear what they want.
  • No political alliances: Slutwalk is an apolitical event and will remain as such. Political groups and associations are encouraged to show support on the day by walking under banners etc.
  • SlutWalk has one message: the event will focus on the victim blaming and treatment of sexual assault victims. This message is the central theme of the event and all side themes such as the re-appropriation of the word “slut” will be treated as a side issues is encouraged to be discussed on personal forums e.g. blogs.

Clarification of roles

  • Ben will be in charge of the website blog. He is the point of contact for any articles to be added to the blog. Amy and Alana were advised to contact him regarding writing blog articles.
  • Lucy will contact a teacher to ask if they will speak on the day and also help with postering.
  • Claire will arrange “slutwalk” t-shirts.

Image and messaging

  • Slutwalk Melbourne social media forums (Facebook, Twitter, Website) will be a neutral place where information about the event and main message will be presented.
  • No discussion will be had on the Facebook event page. Discussion is directed to the permanent Facebook page.


  • Discussed stickers,posters, flyers, t-shirts.


  • Set up bank account to receive donations from people. Encourage a small donation of $5 to $10 dollars.
  • Money needed to be raised to cover sound equipment, printing/general admin, and activities on the day of the event
  • Estimated approximately $500-$600 dollars needed.
  • Left over money will be donated to CASA or WIRE.

On the day

Poster making and T-shirts

  • Supporters can meet at 12pm on the day of the event in the state library experimedia room and make posters. Can write messages on T-shirts with Sharpie pen.
  • Parents encouraged to bring children to this part of the event.


  • Ideal list of speakers will include people from the following occupations: education, law enforcement, sex work, social services and entertainment.