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Why I support SlutWalk: A story from Lisa Dib

Before we share this important story with you, it’s important to note a trigger warning for the content below – in particular, for rape and assault. This story was shared with us from Lisa Dib, one of the organisers of

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A story of slut shaming

The following story was submitted by a friend of SlutWalk Melbourne who, for reasons which will become obvious, wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a reminder of how destructive a negative attitude towards female sexuality can be, how slut shaming can

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A reflection from SlutWalk Melbourne supporter: Anna Spargo-Ryan (Trigger Warning)

Triggers: sexual assault When I sat down to write this, I thought, “I’ve never been raped. No one has ever had sex with me against my will. If anything, I have to plead with them. What can I add?” But

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Kids Wearing Shorts – Catherine Manning (Trigger Warning)

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, rape As a kid, I owned several pairs of shorts.  I loved wearing them. They were cool in summer and I could jump on my trampoline, ride my bike, and climb trees as freely as I

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What SlutWalk Means To Me (Trigger Warning)

When I was fifteen years old I was on school holidays at the coast with a friend’s family. We’d been to a huge party, so big that it spilled down out of the units and onto the beach. There were

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